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Specialized Repair Services for Turbine Components in the Power Generation and Aerospace Industries

Delivering specialized welding, weld repair, laser drilling, fabrication and coating removal of superalloy turbine components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and turbine repair prime contractors. Our engineering consultant collaborates on process, design and documentation to tailor each project to exact client specifications.


Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding

Multi-axis laser drilling

Light computer numerical control (CNC) fabrication

Non-destructive examination

  • Certified Level I & II visual and liquid penetrant inspector

Chemical stripping and grit blasting

  • Surface preparation and cleaning






Stainless steel



TL Precision works closely with clients to develop and refine production processes that improve quality and reduce costs. Send us preliminary designs and our engineer will collaborate on design changes, customize our process to meet your requirements and provide documentation to measure for quality and performance.

When a product line requires special tooling, we secure special machine capability as needed.


TL Precision operates an 18,000-square foot facility, fully-equipped to handle both small- and large-run production projects.

Located near the major highway intersection of US 290 and Beltway 8, we are minutes away from Interstates 10, 45 and 69, and with nearby access to Houston’s major rail lines.

Past Performance

Representative Projects

Siemens Energy
Inspection of various land base turbine components and report findings. Restore repairable parts to serviceable conditions. Laser drill effusion cooling holes on components to improve turbines’ performance.

Restore land base turbine hardware to serviceable conditions.

Trinity Turbine Technology
Chemically remove external airfoil coating from GE gas turbine buckets.

Greystone Alloys
Chemically wash tungsten filaments.