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TL Precision Expands Laser Drilling to Include Shaped Holes for Cooling Gas Turbines

TL Precision has expanded its laser drilling capability to offer precise, geometrically-shaped cooling holes for gas turbine components. Cooling holes are installed on transition pieces, vanes, and blades to minimize thermal damage; allowing the engine to operate at a higher combustion temperatures, which increasing the engine efficiency. Geometric-shaped cooling holes [...]

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TL Precision Introduced Chemical Stripping Capability to Remove Thermal Barrier Bond Coatings

Chemical stripping removes thermal barrier bond coatings in aircraft and power generation turbine components to allow turbine parts to be repaired and put back into use.  Lab analysis demonstrated nominal depletion of the base material and low environmental impact, compared to grit blasting technique. Thermal barrier coatings protect the base [...]

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TL Precision Welding, Inc. Develops New Methods for Refurbishing Turbine Engine Components

Published in Design For Laser Manufacture Magazine Turbine engine repair and refurbishing is a rapidly growing business requiring specialized equipment and experience. Leading engine manufacturers are more frequently outsourcing this activity, demanding the highest quality work from their suppliers. This requires a dedication to continually improving the laser processes and [...]

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