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Welding, Weld Repair, Laser Drilling, Fabrication and Coating Removal of Superalloy Turbine Components

Your needs on each project are unique. The attention clients receive from us is highly focused on solving your specific requirements, now. A single point of contact will oversee your project, on your schedule, from the initial quote through on-time delivery.

Weld repair for turbine components

Floating seals


Vane segment inserts

Locking hardware

Multi-axis laser drilling and cutting

Multi-axis lasers drill precision holes to specific performances, such as cutting through dense, curved materials at angles up to 45 degrees with holes as small as 0.020 inch.

Effusion cooling holes, both cylindrical and shaped, in turbine component, such as blades, buckets, nozzles, vanes, transition and more

Cutting slots on spring clips

Cutting scoop holes on transitions and baskets

Chemical stripping to remove MCrAlY bond coatings

Siemens blades, transitions, vanes and more

GE buckets, nozzles, venturis and more

Grit blasting to remove thermal barrier and/or bond coatings

Removal of thermal barrier coatings on gas turbine components

General cleaning

Non-destructive examination (NDE) with fluorescent penetrant testing

Inspection to detect defects on turbine parts

Light CNC fabrication and machining

Past Performance

Representative Projects

Siemens Energy
Inspection of various land base turbine components and report findings. Restore repairable parts to serviceable conditions. Laser drill effusion cooling holes on components to improve turbines’ performance.

Restore land base turbine hardware to serviceable conditions.

Trinity Turbine Technology
Chemically remove external airfoil coating from GE gas turbine buckets.

Greystone Alloys
Chemically wash tungsten filaments.