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TL Precision Welding, Inc. Develops New Methods for Refurbishing Turbine Engine Components

By | 2017-09-28T16:25:56-05:00 August 26, 2009|Categories: Turbine Engine Component Repair|

Published in Design For Laser Manufacture Magazine

Turbine engine repair and refurbishing is a rapidly growing business requiring specialized equipment and experience. Leading engine manufacturers are more frequently outsourcing this activity, demanding the highest quality work from their suppliers. This requires a dedication to continually improving the laser processes and quality while providing fast turnaround time.

TL Precision Welding, Inc. of Houston, Texas is a 12 person laser contract shop started in 1997 that serves this important and growing area of the turbine engine industry. The success of their early engine refurbishing work has led to new opportunities in laser processing, company growth and a broadening of TL Precision’s laser capabilities. In an era of general economic decline, this is an industry niche with promising growth simply because of the sheer number of turbine engines, both land based and aero engines in operation and the constant need for engine maintenance. One leading turbine engine manufacturer for aircraft alone reports 25,000 engines in active service, all of which are continuously monitored for periodic maintenance.

The high value engine components, such as turbo combustors, nozzle guide vanes, blades and other transition parts, for both land and aerospace engines, are regularly refurbished and put back into service. To keep maintenance costs as low as possible and to extend time between overhaul, engine manufacturers are requiring suppliers like TL Precision to improve their processes.