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TL Precision Introduced Chemical Stripping Capability to Remove Thermal Barrier Bond Coatings

By | 2017-09-27T19:40:55-05:00 October 20, 2016|Categories: Thermal Barrier and Bond Coatings|

Chemical stripping removes thermal barrier bond coatings in aircraft and power generation turbine components to allow turbine parts to be repaired and put back into use.  Lab analysis demonstrated nominal depletion of the base material and low environmental impact, compared to grit blasting technique.

Thermal barrier coatings protect the base metals of turbine components from high combustion temperatures that approach or exceed the design limits of many metal alloys. Increasingly, a bonding coat of MCrAlY or other chromide or aluminide material is applied between the metal substrate and the top thermal barrier coat to increase both adhesion and wear resistance.

The TL Precision chemical stripping process removes the bond coat efficiently to permit turbine parts to be inspected, repaired, and put back into use, resulting in significant financial savings. This process takes an ethical approach to environmental protection by reducing the amount of chemicals used. Extensive testing of this chemical process validates nominal depletion of the base alloy material.